Changed people
I have known Life-Gate for some six years.  From the beginning Pastors Angel and Julie Roldan and their staff helped me in times of difficulties and danger from addictions and other problems.  They were always available when I needed assistance and I found great support and encouragement to conquer my difficulties and life challenges.
I have been attending the Life-Gate Training School for now some three years and this has been a great source of wisdom for life.I have been learning new life skills and it has helped me greatly in my character development.

I know of many other friends of mine who have profited from Life-Gate’s programs and services. I wish to express my deepest appreciation and thankfulness for their dedication, compassion and love offered to me.  I am still attending the Training School and my contact
 with them is still continuing.  I wish to recommend this mission to people in crisis,  families
 and individuals with deep problems or addictions. Hawani   
I can say today that I have recovered and that I can cope with life’s difficulties if and when they appear.  The Life-Gate  programs under Angel & Julie Roldan have been a blessing to me and I know to many others.  I continue to attend the Life-Gate Wisdom for Life Training  and keep in contact with the Pastors and the staff, this keeps me focused and on the right track.
I wish to express my gratitude to Life-Gate for the help, love and dedication invested in me for my recovery and for being always there for me, this has given me encouragement, strength and courage as I continue to learn and to grow.  I thank God for their dedication and loyalty.
To sufficiently express in a short note how Life-Gate has impacted me, is an impossible task. I have been involved with Life-Gate for some 6 years now and to say that during this time my life has been transformed, is not  an exaggeration. When I first met Ps. Angeand Ps. Julie Roldan, I was a very troubled person to say the least. Having come from a background of abuse and dysfunction, I was broken and hopeless. Even in this state of helplessness where most people would take advantage or reject me, at Life-Gate I was welcomed by the staff and encouraged to commence the training school. Through counseling and their training school, I dealt with a lot of the baggage in my life and grew immensely. Furthermore, through counseling they helped me overcome many addictions and hindrance which were preventing me from really living my life to the full. Moreover, the teaching provided helped me recognize the deeper issues that needed to be dealt with in my life and helped me confront my  unhelpful habits and behaviours. I was not offered ‘quick fix ideas’ rather, teaching which will last a lifetime such as life skills and  wisdom for living – things I could implement in the short term but also the long term and prevent any lapses in behavioural patterns, etc. Subsequently, if it were 

 not for Life-Gate,I would not be who I am today.Additionally, the support I gained from the groups and from Ps. Angel and Ps. Julie personally was like nothing I’d ever experienced before with anyone and in return they never asked anything of me – even being sympathetic for my financial situation which as times was in dire straits. The tireless work put in by both Ps. Angel and Ps. Julie Roldan has been an amazing thing to witness. The Roldan’s are people of integrity who are genuinely dedicated to serving their community in any way they can, with no discrimination of background, race, religion or social and financial status. I have personally witnessed many lives being transformed through their training school, counseling and other work and wish them all the best for the future in whatever endeavors they pursue.  Debbie


 intervention of Life-Gate in referring me to the rehabilitation centre and also afterwards are great.  It has  helped me to establish my self back into the family and society and has been crucial fomy recovery.
I have known Life-Gate for some 14 years, I met them in Won Ron Prison 
when I was in Division D. Angel & Julie and their team came to entertain 
us with  music and to bring a message of hope and love.  We all appreciated it very much.
The wonderful thing is that because I lived in the same area, after my 
release from Prison I visited Life-Gate and kept in contact with them. This 
has sustained  me and my family. Angel married me and my wife Carolyn 
10 years ago, this was a big turning point especially because I went to
 Life-Gate Life-Skills Training and also had counselling with Angel & Julie.  
The deposit of faith, hope and wisdom for life we received has not only 
sustained us, but it has given us the capacity to help others in need.  I have 
been assisting the Narcotics Anonymous and other young people all these
years and never had anything to do with crime ever since. I thank God and
Life-Gate for their love and support and I know of many others who also have 
profited from this wonderful work in Frankston.  Mark

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 My name is Dianne, I have known  Angel & Julie Roldan for about 20 years
 and have also been able to assist their organisation, Life-Gate at times.
I had an addiction to alcohol for quite a number of years and was trying
 to shake it off and to conquer it, but it was stronger then me.  Life-Gate
 helped me to get to a rehabilitation centre in South Australia where I stayed
for 12 months, going through a program both to address the addiction and
 also to address the problems within my life. After I left the program at S.A. I 
went back to Life-Gate, where I went through a re-entry program for six
 months.  I learned life principles and received counselling while  I also 
attended the Life-Gate training school every Monday night for two hours. 
During this time I have been working as a volunteer helping in the daily 
work load of the organisation in practical ways. The benefits of the