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Our Services
Life-Gate offers professional counseling and is committed to assist individuals and families in dealing with unresolved life issues, such as traumas, addictions and crisis situations. Depression, suicidal tendencies, domestic violence, marriage and relationship problems. We specifically deal with the youth culture and assist young people to break the chains of any bondage.

Our  approach embraces the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Many problems arise in the areas of emotions and wrong mind sets, low self worth and rejection. We take into consideration the significance of a healthy life style and emphasise the importance of good nutrition.

We do not believe in patching up problems simply by behavioural change to manage dysfunctions, i.e. "anger management", but rather encourage the person to deal with the roots of the dysfunction in order to be free from their destructive pattern.

We are dedicated to powerfully influence troubled individuals in order to reach their full potential.  We are helping to overcome life-controlling problems through meeting the needs of the whole person.

We help people of any cultural or religious background at any level of society.

Life-Gate offers seminars designed to open new horizons to individuals, marriages and families. It will give you the keys to freedom through godly life principles, and will impact all areas of your life.

Our Seminars address body, soul and spirit, and will help you to see yourself from a godly point of view, and to understand the divine design for your life.  

Without a wholesome perspective, relationships suffer and/or fail and we can accumulate pain and disappointments. These teachings will help you to have a godly and mature approach to life and being able to conquer  your demons.

Also it will open your eyes to today's emotional, cultural and spiritual dilemmas, including youth and addiction problems.

Seminar materials designed and lectured  by  Angel & Julie Roldan.

Topics offered include:

Answers for your life
Your true identity
Courtship and relationships
Marriage foundation and family life
The principles of godly living and integrity of character
Drugs and youth
Life controlling problems, addictions/compulsive behaviours
Team ministry and leadership
Inner healing
Freedom from bondage
 We specialise in:

ICE & other drug addiction

Sexual abuse victims

Anxiety & Depression


Conflict resolution

Family breakdown

Domestic Violence

Finances & Gambling

Compulsive behaviours